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Author Topic: Changelog  (Read 9137 times)

Offline Zarcos

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« on: November 30, 2017, 02:04:22 PM »

18.8.2018 - Changelog #37

-Heaven Set Grade changed S84 > R99
-Now you can insert Elements to heaven upper body

18.6.2018 - Changelog #36

-Added safe farm zones

12.6.2018 - Changelog #35

-Added 100% Vamp resssit during PvP
-Fixed offline Shops issue, with "Account already use"
-Offline shops will be stored during restart - Max offline time is 3 days
-Account Control Panel, now your character must be online for Transfer DP
-Dragon Weapon stats rebalanced to match retail weapons(Atk.Speed, Critical Rate, Accuracy)

4.6.2018 - Changelog #34

-Added NPC for trade/downgrade of armors/weapons keys
-Added support for stats +100 and bigger STR/DEX/CON etc.
-Offline shop will be removed on server restart

1.6.2018 - Changelog #33

-Added new Item: T-Shirt, Bracelet, Dragon Cloak/Accessory, Talismans Lilith/Anakim/Seven Sing

20.5.2018 - Changelog #32

-Rune II is 86-120 LvL
-Added craft lvl 15
-Custom Start items after character creation
-Dragon Claws are tradeable
-Daily Potion added SP/Drop/Spoil chance

19.5.2018 - Changelog #31

-Voice command .cancelBuff /.cancelbuff - Remove all your buffs
-Voice command .autoLoot /.autoloot - Enable/Disable autoloot except important items
-Old XP/SP system implemented to new core
-Possible fix for server performance issue
-Change rate for 100 KE for 20 CRP to 10000 KE for 2000 CRP
-Vote reward increased from 5 Boxes to 20 Boxes
-GM-SHOP: Etc/Sell renamed to Gb/Etc/Sell - Now you can exchange Gold Bar much easier

17.5.2018 - Changelog #30

-Reworked Geoengine
-Reworked Monster Spawn
-Reworked Monster Collision
-Added one click skill learn at max level
-Reworked player login/logout mechanic
-Reworked client => server, server=>client packets
-Added offline shops
-Sell buffs feature (Not all buffs for now (testing))
-Performance/Stability optimization
-Minor fix for drop calculation system
-Small stats balance, added PvE/PvP
-Nevit Blessing enabled
-Vote system enabled
Bugs are possible
Please report all bugs as fast as you can, we can avoid rollbacks

10.5.2018 - Changelog #29

-Dragon Claw drop chance increased
-New rebirth Skills
-Dark/Blood Dual Weapons fixed
-Top talisman/cloas stats changed from +5% to +10%
-Added downgrade/upgrade material to Shop
-Crafted Solvent price decreased from 2,5kk to 200k
-Slightly increased XP from monsters

1.5.2018 - Changelog #27

-Dragon Weapons remake
-New Dragon Armor and Jewels
-Added more Tatto/Belts/Agathions levels
-New upgrade-able item Venir Talisman
-New Clan separated Skills (STR/DEX/CON/MEN/WIT/INT) each have 3 levels
-Agathion Souls added to Rebirth Zones each have different chance
-New Dyes
-Olf T-shirt max enchant level increased from 10 to 15
Known issue: Agathions have wrong PvP/PvE description

24.4.2018 - Changelog #26

-Monster respawn in all rebirth zones changed from 60s to 30s

13.4.2018 - Changelog #25

-Rune 2 and 3 price 2x lowered
-Rebirth zone 4 - Rune drop fixed

12.4.2018 - Changelog #24

-Vote Coin are tradeable and new price at vote shop
-R99 Bloody/Dark weapons fixed

10.4.2018 - Changelog #23

-Character with rebirth +150 will be develed to 86 lvl during Rebirth
-Teleport to custom zone required only rebirth skill and 86 lvl

31.3.2018 - Changelog #22

-Farm Coins drop rapidly increased

23.3.2018 - Changelog #21

-Added Hero Skill - Info in CB soon
-Hero will now recive Hero Cloak - Info in CB soon
-Added new Custom Skills +95
-Added Bloody/Dark Weapons upgrade just for R99
-Farm Coins FIX
-Frintezza Scroll is no longer removed when you enter instance

14.3.2018 - Changelog #20

-MP Consume for Toogle Skill is now correct calculated
-Life Cubic from Adventure Guild's now working correct
-Fixed Augumentation for R grade items
-System MSG at server side are retail now
-Fix in drop Farm Coin, now will be increased amount if chance is bigger than 100%

11.3.2018 - Changelog #19

-Farm Coins drop increase chance/Amount
-Seal Stone drop rate increased
-Farm Coins mobs respawn changed from 60s to 20s
-Spirit of Shilen / Flame Icon / Boost Morale have now same bonus for all weapons type except Polearm
-Hotfix for Community Baord

10.3.2018 - Changelog #18

-Removed Achievement System
-Added RB to R95 Location
-Added trade Large Dragon Bone for Farm Coins
-Added Special Mobs for Farm Coins in Arcane City

27.2.2018 - Changelog #17

-My Teleport will have now reus 3 min
-Captcha with jail
-Bounty Hunter system removed
-Failed crafting will take just half of mats
-Mirage chance lowered

23.2.2018 - Changelog #16

-Added 2 types of talismans for Rebirth zones
-Added Crystal R to mobs in Rebirth Zones

14.2.2018 - Changelog #15

-Added XP/SP bonus for +R85 items
-Added PvP Def to Rebirth Skill 70/100/150 etc

09.2.2018 - Changelog #14

-Vote system rework
-Info > Stats added
-Added 100% protection to farm in Rebirth zone with lower level

08.2.2018 - Changelog #13

-Lower mats require for Enchant Craft
-Enchant Craft chance 100%
-Added grades R90/R95
-Opened zones

28.1.2018 - Changelog #12

-Added command do disable Soul Shot Animation .soulshotanim or .SoulShotAnim

28.1.2018 - Changelog #11

-Frintezza entrance fixed
-Rebirth zone mob stats reduced
-Captcha reworked - Jail will be implement after test this one
-Freya dont have same instance reus for normal and hard
-Rebirth item 71-100 added to GM-SHOP

23.1.2018 - Changelog #10

-Fixed error at server select after character offline private store
-Fixed error with shift + click
-Fixed error in alt + b for players with lvl +90
-Added delevel option to Custom Skill NPC

21.1.2018 - Changelog #9

-New max level depending on your rebirth level
  • +71 Rebirth = 90 LvL
  • +101 Rebirth = 95 LvL
  • +151 Rebirth = 100 LvL
  • +201 Rebirth = 105 LvL
  • +251 Rebirth = 110 LvL
  • +301 Rebirth = 115 LvL
  • +351 Rebirth = 120 LvL
-new dynamic max enchant system
  • D grade - Max 25
  • C grade - Max 50
  • B grade - Max 75
  • A grade - Max 100
  • S grade - Max 150
  • R grade - Max 200
-new Item Grades R85,R90,R95,R99
-new Zones
-new Visual armor suits
-Donate Shop
-Vote System
-Vote Shop
-new Crafting Packs
-Karma drop rate rapidly decreased
-weekly Olympiad period after 31.1
-Added market section to forum
-Added static reus time for heal skills

10.1.2018 - Changelog #8

-PK drop item enable

4.1.2018 - Changelog #8

-minor hotfix for login and game servers, removed some bugs,errors
-Lucky Strike added to Forgotten Scroll shop
-Dual Daggers are now able to wear from 81 LvL

1.1.2018 - Changelog #7

-Fix to duplicated drop at mobs
-Tully workshop can be entered solo
-Achievement system now show you actual kill count

28.12.2017 - Changelog #6

-Drop Rune have now effect for drop Seal Stone with 50% efficiency
-Max level of rebirth for AA is 70, for other level you need another items

28.12.2017 - Changelog #5

-Adventures' Guide buffs improved for easier start

27.12.2017 - Changelog #4

-Bounty Hunter no longer show target location
-Bounty Hunter minimal bounty for kill is 50kk adena
-Cancel cooldown retail

26.12.2017 - Changelog #3

-My Teleport Book increase slot from 9 to 30
-Minor fix at buff return after cancel time changed from 15s to 5s and you will be able recive buffs after death
-Planting seeds and harvesting is now AoE like spoil
-Find PvP will not teleport to players with karma
-New rebirth skill
-Melody and Sonatas max lvl 1

22.12.2017 - Changelog #2

-Fixed quest Control Device of the Giants
-Fixed Seed of Destruction reuse time
-Kamaloka no longer remove buffs
-Store buff during subclass change

21.12.2017 - Changelog #1

- Drop system changed for mobs, now if you have drop chance more then 100%, amount multiple drop except SS, Farm Coin, Agathion Souls.
- Melody sKills now have correct description for each level.
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