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Features & Guide / Features
« on: November 30, 2017, 02:15:07 PM »
Official start time its 15.12.2017 at 19:00 CET
All players who registered account to 16.12.2017 18:59 CET, will get 3 day premium account from us.

Server Rates:       Premium Rates:
XP/SP:                 0.5x                      1x
Party XP/SP:                 2x                      1.5x
Quest XP/SP:                 1x                      1x
Drop/Spoil Chance:                 1x                      2x
Drop/Spoil Ammount:                1x                      1x
Manor:                 3x                      3x
Adena:                 1x                      2x
Seal Stone:                 1x                      2x
Raid Boss:                 1x                      1x

What you can look forward to:

Main and Subclass max 85 lvl
Unlimited buff slots
Unlimited skills on your characters
Auction House - Sell or Buy items for adena or custom currency
Bounty Hunter NPC - Set bounty on someone head
Antibot system - Check other players against botting with report button
Antibuff shield - Protection against over-buff from other players
All class can equip all Dye+12 and -12
GM-Shop with basic items
Daily Reward
NPC for remove unused skills
Custom Community Board
Custom Certification Skills
Access to catacombs and necropolis at any time
Custom Armors/Weapons
Max level 120
Custom Farm areas

Custom Skills:

You can learn all skill from other class
Dance/Totems/Magical-Psychical Mirror/Frenzy its usable with all weapon
Frenzy/Zealot/Angelic icon without restrictions on low HP
Crystallization and Crafting available for all class
Counter Critical have Magic Critical damage
Frenzy +25% Matk
Ogre +30% Matk

Enchant Rates:

Safe +3
Full Safe +4
Max Dynamic - Depending on item grade
Normal Scroll 66%
Blessed Scroll 70%
Divine Scroll 100%

Skill learn example:

If you are Gladiator thats mean you are fighter so if you want learn skill from other fighter class you will need 2x more, but if you want learn skill from mage class you will need 3x more.

Custom Items:

Olf-T Shirt with custom bonus
Custom Belts
Custom Tattoos - Just hold them in the inventory
Custom Bracelets
Custom Agathions
Custom GrandBoss Jewels


1st, 2nd and 3rd without quest's
Certification skills without quest
Sublass without quest
Nobless with quest's or buy in GM-Shop


Zaken: 2-9 ppl
Frintezza: 2-9 ppl
Freya: 2-9 ppl
Freya Hard:      2-9 ppl
Tiat: 2-9 ppl
Beleth: 2-9 ppl

RaidBoss and GrandBoss

All RaidBoss have custom Stats depending on LvL, max 5x than retail
All GrandBoss have 5x Stats

Valakas 36h + 12h
Antharas 36h + 12h
Baium 36h + 12h
Orfen 24h + 2h
Core 24h + 2h
Queen Ant    24h + 2h


Custom dynamic stats depending on LvL.
Mobs +80 have bigger boost to stats than lower
All mobs drop Farm Coin, Agathion Soul, Rune

Announcements & News / Rules
« on: November 30, 2017, 02:04:43 PM »
  • By playing on our server the player agrees with all of the here mentioned rules. The player also agrees he will comply with them.
  • Even an attempted breach of the rules is considered like a breach of the rules!
  • An interpretation of the rules is only in the authority of Admin and GMs.
  • GMs and Administrators differ from regular players with a green colored name
  • GM does not replace the loss of things, level or anything else due to an error of player or an error (crash) of the client or player or Internet connection. If an error occurs in a quest although other players succeed without problem, GM will not interfere. You can start the quest again.
  • The player has a right to use only those features of game that are a standard part of the original game client and can be legitimately accessed, including further expressly permitted exceptions.
  • Changing the Clan Leader is available ingame via the clan functions. A change of a banned CL (in the game) is possible only with his/her consent and after the agreement with an Admin.
  • If you decide to give your character a vulgar nickname, you do so at you own risk of being banned. Reporting them is not necessary we will deal with them when and if we see fit.
  • During trading, each player is obligated to check the product itself, the quantity and the price of this product and if everything corresponds to what he really wants to buy. The GM team is not responsible and will not deal or interfere with any type of scam.
  • All data stored on the server are the property of the server owner. If a player loses anything, he/she has no claim for a refund or any other compensation.
  • The service is free and the owner takes no responsibility for any damage caused by its using or its eventual unavailability or malfunction.
  • The owner makes no warranties regarding the service operation. The service may be partially suspended or even withdrawn at any time without prior notice.
  • Ignorance of the rules does not excuse.

Laws (What is forbidden)
  • A player should not disclose his/her login information to other players. If your account will be robbed, noone will return your lost items.
  • It is forbidden to modify the files in the System folder.
  • A player must not use any possible bugs or exploits.
  • It is forbidden to reduce the natural authority of GM, their ridiculing and other forms of expression against GM in the game, on forum or against them directly.
  • It is forbidden to imitate or pretend to be a GM or pretend to act in their name or on their authority. Their names are green.
  • It is forbidden to thwart the work of GM, including the disguising of important facts or submission of false information.
  • It is forbidden to give false information about public statements and to disparage the good name of the server L2Hesidos.
  • It is forbidden to sell, buy or change game items, characters, or game accounts for real money.
  • It is forbidden to sell, buy or change game items, characters, or game accounts for in-game items, characters, or Game Accounts on other servers.
  • It is forbidden to popularize other servers in any form.

Glossary of Terms
  • The Client means an original Lineage2 game client from NCsoft Corporation.
  • The System (in connection with the client) means the system folder which is located in the directory of the game.
  • Server means a gaming server, a webserver or any other computers which are the property of L2Hesidos.
  • A Bug is a defect in the game.
  • Spamming means the excessive posting of big amount of various messages into chat.
  • Prison means "GM Consulting Service" or some other place preventing the free movement of the player and his interactions with other players.

  • You agree, that you are not purchasing any services or goods. Your donation is merely a token of support to keep our server alive.
  • You agree that all donations are voluntary and made of your own accord.
  • You agree, that upon donating to our server, all transactions are final and are not able to be refunded.
  • If your game account gets terminated for any reason, you are not entitled to any reimbursement or refund.
  • All members are equals and must apply to the server rules, otherwise it will lead on punishment.
  • If you do not agree to these terms or cannot honor them do not make a donation.

The purpose of this Rules and also the basic reason of their existence is to protect the honest and fair-playing players from the unfair or dishonest players who do not understand the meaning of fair-play. Therefore we ask all of you to help us fight against this type of gamers. Please, do not consider these rules as a tool for control but as a tool intended to protect honest gamers against players with bad intentions. All of us want a high quality server

Announcements & News / Changelog
« on: November 30, 2017, 02:04:22 PM »

18.8.2018 - Changelog #37

-Heaven Set Grade changed S84 > R99
-Now you can insert Elements to heaven upper body

18.6.2018 - Changelog #36

-Added safe farm zones

12.6.2018 - Changelog #35

-Added 100% Vamp resssit during PvP
-Fixed offline Shops issue, with "Account already use"
-Offline shops will be stored during restart - Max offline time is 3 days
-Account Control Panel, now your character must be online for Transfer DP
-Dragon Weapon stats rebalanced to match retail weapons(Atk.Speed, Critical Rate, Accuracy)

4.6.2018 - Changelog #34

-Added NPC for trade/downgrade of armors/weapons keys
-Added support for stats +100 and bigger STR/DEX/CON etc.
-Offline shop will be removed on server restart

1.6.2018 - Changelog #33

-Added new Item: T-Shirt, Bracelet, Dragon Cloak/Accessory, Talismans Lilith/Anakim/Seven Sing

20.5.2018 - Changelog #32

-Rune II is 86-120 LvL
-Added craft lvl 15
-Custom Start items after character creation
-Dragon Claws are tradeable
-Daily Potion added SP/Drop/Spoil chance

19.5.2018 - Changelog #31

-Voice command .cancelBuff /.cancelbuff - Remove all your buffs
-Voice command .autoLoot /.autoloot - Enable/Disable autoloot except important items
-Old XP/SP system implemented to new core
-Possible fix for server performance issue
-Change rate for 100 KE for 20 CRP to 10000 KE for 2000 CRP
-Vote reward increased from 5 Boxes to 20 Boxes
-GM-SHOP: Etc/Sell renamed to Gb/Etc/Sell - Now you can exchange Gold Bar much easier

17.5.2018 - Changelog #30

-Reworked Geoengine
-Reworked Monster Spawn
-Reworked Monster Collision
-Added one click skill learn at max level
-Reworked player login/logout mechanic
-Reworked client => server, server=>client packets
-Added offline shops
-Sell buffs feature (Not all buffs for now (testing))
-Performance/Stability optimization
-Minor fix for drop calculation system
-Small stats balance, added PvE/PvP
-Nevit Blessing enabled
-Vote system enabled
Bugs are possible
Please report all bugs as fast as you can, we can avoid rollbacks

10.5.2018 - Changelog #29

-Dragon Claw drop chance increased
-New rebirth Skills
-Dark/Blood Dual Weapons fixed
-Top talisman/cloas stats changed from +5% to +10%
-Added downgrade/upgrade material to Shop
-Crafted Solvent price decreased from 2,5kk to 200k
-Slightly increased XP from monsters

1.5.2018 - Changelog #27

-Dragon Weapons remake
-New Dragon Armor and Jewels
-Added more Tatto/Belts/Agathions levels
-New upgrade-able item Venir Talisman
-New Clan separated Skills (STR/DEX/CON/MEN/WIT/INT) each have 3 levels
-Agathion Souls added to Rebirth Zones each have different chance
-New Dyes
-Olf T-shirt max enchant level increased from 10 to 15
Known issue: Agathions have wrong PvP/PvE description

24.4.2018 - Changelog #26

-Monster respawn in all rebirth zones changed from 60s to 30s

13.4.2018 - Changelog #25

-Rune 2 and 3 price 2x lowered
-Rebirth zone 4 - Rune drop fixed

12.4.2018 - Changelog #24

-Vote Coin are tradeable and new price at vote shop
-R99 Bloody/Dark weapons fixed

10.4.2018 - Changelog #23

-Character with rebirth +150 will be develed to 86 lvl during Rebirth
-Teleport to custom zone required only rebirth skill and 86 lvl

31.3.2018 - Changelog #22

-Farm Coins drop rapidly increased

23.3.2018 - Changelog #21

-Added Hero Skill - Info in CB soon
-Hero will now recive Hero Cloak - Info in CB soon
-Added new Custom Skills +95
-Added Bloody/Dark Weapons upgrade just for R99
-Farm Coins FIX
-Frintezza Scroll is no longer removed when you enter instance

14.3.2018 - Changelog #20

-MP Consume for Toogle Skill is now correct calculated
-Life Cubic from Adventure Guild's now working correct
-Fixed Augumentation for R grade items
-System MSG at server side are retail now
-Fix in drop Farm Coin, now will be increased amount if chance is bigger than 100%

11.3.2018 - Changelog #19

-Farm Coins drop increase chance/Amount
-Seal Stone drop rate increased
-Farm Coins mobs respawn changed from 60s to 20s
-Spirit of Shilen / Flame Icon / Boost Morale have now same bonus for all weapons type except Polearm
-Hotfix for Community Baord

10.3.2018 - Changelog #18

-Removed Achievement System
-Added RB to R95 Location
-Added trade Large Dragon Bone for Farm Coins
-Added Special Mobs for Farm Coins in Arcane City

27.2.2018 - Changelog #17

-My Teleport will have now reus 3 min
-Captcha with jail
-Bounty Hunter system removed
-Failed crafting will take just half of mats
-Mirage chance lowered

23.2.2018 - Changelog #16

-Added 2 types of talismans for Rebirth zones
-Added Crystal R to mobs in Rebirth Zones

14.2.2018 - Changelog #15

-Added XP/SP bonus for +R85 items
-Added PvP Def to Rebirth Skill 70/100/150 etc

09.2.2018 - Changelog #14

-Vote system rework
-Info > Stats added
-Added 100% protection to farm in Rebirth zone with lower level

08.2.2018 - Changelog #13

-Lower mats require for Enchant Craft
-Enchant Craft chance 100%
-Added grades R90/R95
-Opened zones

28.1.2018 - Changelog #12

-Added command do disable Soul Shot Animation .soulshotanim or .SoulShotAnim

28.1.2018 - Changelog #11

-Frintezza entrance fixed
-Rebirth zone mob stats reduced
-Captcha reworked - Jail will be implement after test this one
-Freya dont have same instance reus for normal and hard
-Rebirth item 71-100 added to GM-SHOP

23.1.2018 - Changelog #10

-Fixed error at server select after character offline private store
-Fixed error with shift + click
-Fixed error in alt + b for players with lvl +90
-Added delevel option to Custom Skill NPC

21.1.2018 - Changelog #9

-New max level depending on your rebirth level
  • +71 Rebirth = 90 LvL
  • +101 Rebirth = 95 LvL
  • +151 Rebirth = 100 LvL
  • +201 Rebirth = 105 LvL
  • +251 Rebirth = 110 LvL
  • +301 Rebirth = 115 LvL
  • +351 Rebirth = 120 LvL
-new dynamic max enchant system
  • D grade - Max 25
  • C grade - Max 50
  • B grade - Max 75
  • A grade - Max 100
  • S grade - Max 150
  • R grade - Max 200
-new Item Grades R85,R90,R95,R99
-new Zones
-new Visual armor suits
-Donate Shop
-Vote System
-Vote Shop
-new Crafting Packs
-Karma drop rate rapidly decreased
-weekly Olympiad period after 31.1
-Added market section to forum
-Added static reus time for heal skills

10.1.2018 - Changelog #8

-PK drop item enable

4.1.2018 - Changelog #8

-minor hotfix for login and game servers, removed some bugs,errors
-Lucky Strike added to Forgotten Scroll shop
-Dual Daggers are now able to wear from 81 LvL

1.1.2018 - Changelog #7

-Fix to duplicated drop at mobs
-Tully workshop can be entered solo
-Achievement system now show you actual kill count

28.12.2017 - Changelog #6

-Drop Rune have now effect for drop Seal Stone with 50% efficiency
-Max level of rebirth for AA is 70, for other level you need another items

28.12.2017 - Changelog #5

-Adventures' Guide buffs improved for easier start

27.12.2017 - Changelog #4

-Bounty Hunter no longer show target location
-Bounty Hunter minimal bounty for kill is 50kk adena
-Cancel cooldown retail

26.12.2017 - Changelog #3

-My Teleport Book increase slot from 9 to 30
-Minor fix at buff return after cancel time changed from 15s to 5s and you will be able recive buffs after death
-Planting seeds and harvesting is now AoE like spoil
-Find PvP will not teleport to players with karma
-New rebirth skill
-Melody and Sonatas max lvl 1

22.12.2017 - Changelog #2

-Fixed quest Control Device of the Giants
-Fixed Seed of Destruction reuse time
-Kamaloka no longer remove buffs
-Store buff during subclass change

21.12.2017 - Changelog #1

- Drop system changed for mobs, now if you have drop chance more then 100%, amount multiple drop except SS, Farm Coin, Agathion Souls.
- Melody sKills now have correct description for each level.

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